Who are we?


Aspiring Arts Publishing (AAP) is the publishing entity of Greer Media Group. AAP incorporates a variety of genres that will encompass non-fiction works and fiction works in: Contemporary Adult, African-American Adult, Christian, Children and Young Adult, as well as Short Stories and Poetry.


What we're doing?


In 2009, AAP is scheduled to release its first novel. There are also plans for release of a second novel later in the year.

Where we're going?

AAP is the “Home for Aspiring Writers”. AAP is dedicated to achieving the short-term goal of publishing three quality titles per year; which will include a collaboration of short stories and poetry collections featuring various writers and poets.

What we're looking for?

In addition to seeking current authors, AAP is also seeking new writers and poets, allowing new authors an opportunity to showcase their talent in our annual publication which will be a compilation of short stories and poetry.

AAP strives for quality material and production, while offering committed service and opportunity to our artists. AAP will continue to study the industry; share our knowledge with our writers; and grow our business via key industry alliances, enabling AAP to meet its vision of “Focusing on Tomorrow’s Legends”.

For more information on Aspiring Arts, email us, or fill out the feedback form.