Small Talk: A Collection Of Short Stories

Renee Swindle - Author of  "Please Please Please"

"Anthony L. Greer's Small Talk is a courageous and wise collection of stories. Greer writes with a generous heart and manages to capture the existence of people we are sometimes afraid to know or of those we want to know better. Whether exploring the life of the hustler, the drug addict, or the hopeful young basketball star, Greer maintains a love for his characters and stories and writes with ease and vitality. He has a wonderful ear for dialogue and his stories are engaging and compulsively readable. While offering a surprising amount of variety, the stories in Small Talk also offer lessons in hope and life without ever becoming preachy."


Tony Lindsay - Author of "One Dead Preacher, Prayer of Prey"

"A collection of truly entertaining and surprising short stories, filled with plot twist and fresh, sharp dialogue. Greer is becoming a writer of merit."

Kimberly Lewis - Reader

"I could not put the book down once I began to read it, and I never wanted the stories to end. I love your writing style. I yearn for more of your works. The subjects were about situations most have dealt with in our own lives. I was most impressed with your use of words, terms, lingo, and description. In my opinion what truly enhances your stories is your descriptive language. It's almost like you setup the plot and your descriptions painted the setting. You are a talented writer."

Tania Broadnax - Reader

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book. I think all of us who have read your book can relate to all of the stories because either it has happened to us or we know someone who it has happened to. You definitely have a fan for life with me!"

Danielle Roberts - Reader

"Just wanted to pass this on. I've read these short stories and in a word: Phenomenal! This is something you can read on lunch, on the train, or at night right before bed. It's also something you will be able to relate to."

Trina Westmoreland - Reader

"I could not go another second without giving you your props on that book… I could barely put it down. It is interesting, real, capturing and flat out wonderful. I am an avid reader and your book caught my attention within the first two lines, which is just outstanding… "

Shalinda McDowell - Reader

"Simply incredible! I could not put Small Talk down. The stories seemed so captivating as if they were an experience of your own. The characters were believable and just about anyone growing up in the city could relate. I'm excited to have finally found an author of your writing style to enjoy..."